HongKong Add:
Room B,the 8th Floor, Kowloon Building,72# Cheung Shawan Road,Kowloon,Hongkong
Phone: 0852-2319-2933
Fax: 0852-2319-5168

China Add:
No.15, Xinle Road, Jiangbei, Wusha, ChangAn, Dongguan, China
Zip code: 523850
Phone: 0086(769)8977-968
Fax: 0086(769)8166-7731
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    Our factories are located in Dongguan,Guangdong,China. We are focusing on manufacturing precision plastic mould, stamping dieprecision mould parts,injection molding and stamping products.
    Our main customers are from Japan,Europe and the United States.We provide the most cost effective way of design & manufacturing to meet customer’s individual requirements covering a wide range of areas such as: Electronic communications, electric tools, household appliances,
    plastic auto parts, machinery parts, mobile phone parts, PC accessories, office appliance and other fields etc.
    We can produce based on GB(China),JIS(Japan),AISI(USA) and DIN(Germany) and other industry standard. Our production precision are: tolerance is of±0.001mm, coaxial degree is 0.0020mm, roundness is 0.0015mm, surface roughness is within Ra0.025, and straightness(300mm) is 0.002mm.
    We are employing over 120 skillful engineers and workers with the rich experience and are using international advanced CAD/CAM /CAE design methods and the integrated manufacturing system.
    Seeing is believing, we are looking forward to your visit and would like to share the best products and favorable price with you eagerly!
    Our Specialization:
    Technical Design/Engineering Capabilities
    •Mold Design
    •Reverse Engineering
    •Mold Flow Analysis
    •Project Management

    2Machining and mold building Capabilities
    •Molds up to 1.5 meters and 15 tons weight
    •Hot-runner Capability
    •Double-colored Capability

    3,Mechanicial (Mould) Parts Capabilities.
    •Plastic injection Mould Parts
    •Stamping-die Parts

    •Aerospace/Electric/Mechanical components,etc.

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    Hongkong Add: Room B,the 8th Floor, Kowloon Building,72# Cheung Shawan Road,Kowloon,Hongkong

    China Add: No.15, Xinle Road, Jiangbei Cun, Wusha, ChangAn, Dongguan, Guangdong Prov. China